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WordPress is a powerful website platform. But if you want to maximise your site’s performance, carrying out regular WordPress maintenance tasks is a must. Whilst these tasks are mostly simple ones, for the time-pressured business owner it can be impossible to keep everything up to date. That’s where Jak Solutions can help.

What we Offer you....

WordPress websites are made up of many components. From themes and plugins to content, images and videos as well as the software itself, there’s a lot to take care of. WordPress maintenance is crucial to make sure your website is functioning at its very best.

To ensure it’s keeping your visitors and the search engines happy, running securely, and its pages are downloading nice and quickly.


Without regular maintenance, your website could turn into a risk for your business. If it comes to a standstill, it won’t just be sales that will take a hit, but your reputation too.

An in-house webmaster isn’t always the right financial decision. But with a WordPress maintenance service from Jak Solutions, you’ll have ample specialist knowledge at hand courtesy of one of our WordPress maintenance plans. Why not put your mind at rest and hand over the running of your WordPress site, so you can put your energy back into doing what you do best?

  • Bronze
  • R300
    per 1 Hour
  • CMS
  • Plugin Updates
  • Content Updates and Uploads
  • Silver
  • R650
    per 2 Hours & 30 Minutes
  • CMS
  • Plugin Updates
  • Content Updates and Uploads
  • Gold
  • R2500
    per 5 Hours
  • Perfect For Ecommerce Sites
  • CMS
  • Plugin Updates
  • Content Updates and Uploads