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Social Media Marketing

We are not selling cupcakes with sprinkles & sparkles !

You own a business but have no identity online ?

Wake up and smell the coffee before its too late, you are basically spoon feeding your competitors almost all of your potential business.

Social Media be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok is taking the world by storm, nowadays everybody including your potential future clients spends most of their time on either of these platforms!

Some of the advantages of using Social Media as a part of your marketing strategy:

  • It creates a better relationship between your customer and your business, if consumers know your business is actively engaged online on social media they have an immediate way to contact you.
  • The more people see your brand or business name out there digitally automatically gains that trust and confidence in your brand.
  • Client referrals through Social Media, some of your existing customers could recommend your business digitally and you would not even have a sniff of it as you do not exist online !

We pretty sure you have seen a lot of social media "wana be" experts out there!

We do not sell you cupcakes with sprinkles and sparkles on them, and make promises we cannot fulfil, if you need to know about our pricing and what we offer with regards to social media, look below:

  • Social Media Business
  • R4000
    per Month
  • 4-5 Post per week
  • Uniquely designed posts with your logo
  • Content Plan
  • Page Creation
  • Design Branded Cover & Profile Pic
  • Page/ Post Boosts
  • Quartely analytics report
  • Social Media Enterprise
  • R7 500
    per Month
  • 5-6 Post per week
  • Uniquely designed posts with your logo
  • Design Branded Cover and Profile Pic
  • Content Plan
  • Page Creation
  • Quartely analytics report
  • Competition Campaign
  • Monthly Give Away
  • Page/ Post Boost